External Wall Insulation

External wall insulation (EWI) makes it possible to insulate a home by fitting insulation to the outside of the property, improving thermal performance, reducing energy consumption — therefore lowering energy bills — and updating the aesthetics.

EWI systems are built up in several layers. The insulation board itself can be any one of a number of options which are each suited to different projects and their requirements.

After fixing the boards to the wall, the system is built up using multiple coats which will include:

  • Render
  • Reinforcement mesh
  • Primer
  • Top coat render

Since all the work takes place outside, there’s no need to move out during the renovation work. Choosing EWI also avoids interfering with plumbing and electrics and means space inside the home is not impacted.

Why Choose External Wall Insulation?

Reduction in energy bills

Reduces carbon footprint

Improve external aesthetics

Cooler summers, warmer winters

Increase lifespan of building fabric

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